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I’m a student at SRM University Andhra Pradesh in India. I’m perusing a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering here. My proper is from West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is where I’ve finished my schooling till class 12. I have a sibling who is studying very parallel to me. I had very good teaching people and even some of my friends from my childhood and spending time with those people made me a little crazy about mathematics and physics. I had a very good interest in mathematics from my very childhood, and I got to solve problems with plenty of enthusiasm. It all started in class 6 where I had met my math teacher. He is extremely brilliant at teaching us. He used to attract everyone with his wonderful skills in mathematics. He used to provide us with a lot of mind cracking puzzles, and it was all fun solving them. And that’s the start of my math journey. I passed my class 10 with very high standards, and I made everyone so proud that day. With the same motivation, I’ve cleared my class 12 and entered the field of engineering. There, I met another wonderful professor in mathematics, and he is from the West Bengal of India. Though the level of the subject is very hard, he used to teach it with very easy techniques and my skills developed a lot with that. He made me score an outstanding grade in Calculus. And then I started missing doing that fun. So, I searched for some online tutoring platforms where I can share my knowledge in mathematics. The result is I found myself as an expert and solving the problems. Now, I’m feeling a lot better with doing math on one side and my bachelor’s degree on another. I would like to thank the Math Expert for providing me with this beautiful opportunity. Here, there are a lot of opportunities for people like us. I will definitely suggest my friends to join here as an expert and enjoy the same thing I does.

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