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Hello there! I am Aditi Kumari. I am from India and currently I am pursuing my masters degree in the field of economics from the Delhi School of Economics - one of the topmost institution. I have completed my bachelors in economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce which is the top ranked college in India for the study of economics. Economics is a study of application of mathematics on social science. since past four years I would say I have learned in depth application of math in the field of economics. It includes using advance calculus, linear algebra, statistics, econometrics, real analysis, and optimization. I was amazed initially that we can apply so much maths to social science subject. Before coming to university life I had no idea that for the next few years all I will be practicing is maths. Calculating marginal unitity, demand behaviour, doing differentiation, integration, algebra, etc. But having said that I have never got bored of the subject, every new topic opens up new dimension of the subject and you have to start thinking afresh. I would say it is this exciting nature of the subject which made it my favourite subject in school. I always wanted to keep studying maths and keep it as my bestie. The love for the subject was there since the first grade and continues till now. Maths was one subject in which I mostly scored the highest, but more than that it's the nature of the subject and insightful results which made me practice it again and again and never let me confine to just a single book.

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