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Hi, I'm Neha, and I want to share my journey of falling in love with maths. It all started at my home when I was a curious kid. I can say Maths runs through my veins as my mother is a Maths teacher. Maths problems used to fascinate me a lot since I was a kid. Back in Elementary School, I began learning the basics of math like adding, subtracting, and shapes. My teachers saw my interest and encouraged me to explore more. As I moved to High School, math got more exciting with stuff like trigonometry, calculus, and fancier equations. I joined math clubs, made friends who loved math and got better at solving tough problems. Then came University, where math turned into a whole new level of amazing. I did my Graduation in Science (with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths as majors) and then completed my Master's (Post Graduation) with Mathematics as my major from Guru Nanak Dev University. My professors taught me advanced topics like Complex analysis, Abstract Algebra, Numerical analysis, and many more and I loved every moment of it. Learning became an adventure. After finishing university, I started using math in internships and jobs. I worked in a school as a PGT (Post graduate teacher) for a year and then I got the opportunity to tutor international students. I received an International Tutoring certificate as well. And after that, I came to know about the wonderful platform "MATHMASTER" where I'm currently working. I am grateful that Mathmaster provided me with a wonderful opportunity to harness and apply my skills in a truly effective manner. It provided me an opportunity to share my knowledge with students and help me improve my problem-solving skills. It's awesome to see how math could solve real problems and make a difference. My journey with maths has been incredible. From those early math puzzles to tackling complex theories, I've grown so much. My maths journey has been amazing. From curious kid to university explorer, I've learned that math is everywhere and can be so much fun. I'll keep using my math skills to make the world a better place and inspire others to embrace the magic of numbers. I hope my story inspires you to never stop exploring because math is a journey that never really ends.

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