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Hello, I'm Jamil Omar, and I want to take you on a journey through my experience with math, from school to university. Early School Years: High school marked the beginning of my mathematical journey, a journey that started with skepticism but transformed into something wonderful. At first, I wasn't a fan of math, until a special teacher changed everything. This teacher showed me the beauty of math, and suddenly, everything clicked. Because of this teacher, I started enjoying math and even joined math competitions during my high school days. Surprisingly, I excelled and became a champion at both the provincial and regional levels. These wins boosted my confidence and made me realize that I could excel in math. These victories also gave me the confidence to pursue an engineering degree in college. Thanks to that teacher and my successes in math, I knew I could conquer new challenges and make the most of my education journey. University Journey: My strong grasp of mathematics inspired me to pursue a bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering at Palawan State University. Confident in my mathematical foundation, I embarked on this academic journey. Throughout the course, I discovered that my solid background in mathematics was a true asset. It enabled me to better comprehend the intricate topics within Petroleum Engineering and successfully complete the program. My enthusiasm for engineering led me to actively engage in quiz bee contests, where sharp mathematical skills are crucial for success. Our team's victory in these contests opened doors to a national quiz bee in our country. This experience not only honed my mathematical abilities but also granted us the privilege to participate in seminars related to our field of study. One of my achievements was securing the top rank in our departmental exam for algebra. During my first year in college, I outperformed all other first-year students across the university. This accomplishment underscores the significant impact of mathematics on my academic journey. Studying math has proven to be invaluable, not just in terms of academic achievements but also in enhancing my analytical skills and enabling me to earn a degree in Petroleum Engineering.

Math certificates Timmothy – math expert in math-master.org, certificates 3
Math certificates Timmothy – math expert in math-master.org, certificates 3
Math certificates Timmothy – math expert in math-master.org, certificates 3
Math diplomas Timmothy – math expert in math-master.org, diplomas 1

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