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This square footage calculator calculates the square footage of different area shapes such as a garden, house, home, flooring, and other construction projects. Calculating square footage helps estimate the area and the size of the material required. With an online square footage calculator, you can also determine the cost of materials when you input the price per square foot (inch, meter, millimeters, centimeters, or yard). 

How to Calculate Square Footage

The area expressed in square feet is square footage. Similarly, square meters is also a common measure of area. When you convert measurements from feet to square feet, the area becomes a two-dimensional space. Calculating the square feet area of a rectangular space involves measuring the width and length of the area in feet. Then multiply the length and width together:

Square Footage Formula 

Sqft= Length (ft) × Width (ft)


If you have an irregularly shaped area, split the area into small pieces to get a regular shape then calculate the square footage of each, and then add them together.

To calculate the square footage:

  1. Measure the sides of your area

  2. Convert your measurements to feet

  3. Calculate the area as square footage using the square footage formulas of the shape

You can also take all your measurements in other units like inches, and centimeters, calculate area in square centimeters or square inches then convert your final answer to the unit required like square meters or square feet. 

If you have measured width or length using other units of measurements other than feet, you can convert them into feet using:

  • For inches (in. to feet): divide the value by 12. 

  • For yards (yds to feet): multiply the value by 3. 

  • For meters (m to feet): multiply the value by 3.281. 

  • For centimeters (cm to feet): multiply the value by 0.03281. 

  • For millimeters (mm to feet): multiply the value by 0.00328084.

Square Footage Formulas for Different Areas




Rectangle Area

Area (ft2) = Length x Width

Square Area

Area (ft2) = Side Length x Side Length

Rectangle Border Area

Inner Area (ft2) = Length x Width

Total Area (ft2) = (Length + (2 x Border Width)) x (Width + (2 x Border Width))

Area (ft2) = Total Area - Inner Area

Triangle Area

Area (ft2) = (1/4) x square root [ (a+b+c) x (b+c-a) x (c+a-b) x (a+b-c)]

Circle Area

Area (ft2) = Pi x (Diameter/2) ^2

Pi = 3.14

Circle Border Area

Outer Diameter = Inner Diameter + (2 x Border Width)

Outer Area (ft2)

= Pi x (Outer Diameter/2) ^2

Inner Area (ft2)

= Pi x (Inner Diameter/2) ^2

Area (ft2) = Outer Area - Inner Area

Pi = 3.14

Trapezoid Area

Area (ft2) = ((a + b) / 2) h

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  1. What is the fastest method to calculate square footage?

The fastest and easiest way to calculate square footage = is to use an online square footage calculator.

  1. Where can I find a good square footage calculator?

There are great reliable digital square footage calculators like MathMaster that can help estimate price per square foot too. 

  1. Why is it important to use a square footage calculator?

A square footage calculator is essential for determining the area of spaces quickly and accurately.