A plane takes off from a field and rises at an angle of 11.3 degrees with the horizontal. Find the height of the plane after it has traveled a distance of 1220ft. (Round to one decimal place)



Answer to a math question A plane takes off from a field and rises at an angle of 11.3 degrees with the horizontal. Find the height of the plane after it has traveled a distance of 1220ft. (Round to one decimal place)

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We can use trigonometry to solve this problem. The height of the plane after traveling 1220 ft can be found by using the tangent function.

Let h be the height of the plane above the field. The tangent of the angle of 11.3 degrees is given by:

\tan(11.3^\circ) = \frac{h}{1220}

Solving for h :

h = 1220 \cdot \tan(11.3^\circ)

h\approx243.4\text{ ft}

Therefore, the height of the plane after it has traveled a distance of 1220 ft is approximately 239.4 ft.

\boxed{243.4\text{ ft}}

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