In a school playground When going out for recess, 80 men and 75 women coexist, the Patio measures 10 meters For 40 meters (what will be the population density in the break



Answer to a math question In a school playground When going out for recess, 80 men and 75 women coexist, the Patio measures 10 meters For 40 meters (what will be the population density in the break

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To calculate the population density, we need to divide the total number of people by the area of the playground.

Step 1: Calculate the total number of people:
Total number of people = number of men + number of women
Total number of people = 80 + 75 = 155

Step 2: Calculate the area of the playground:
Area of the playground = length × width
Area of the playground = 40 meters × 10 meters
Area of the playground = 400 square meters

Step 3: Calculate the population density:
Population density = total number of people / area of the playground
Population density = 155 / 400
Population density = 0.3875 people per square meter

Answer: The population density during the break in the school playground is 0.3875 people per square meter.

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