How to find the frequency of the tuning fork given a speed of sound v = 343 m/s (4)



Answer to a math question How to find the frequency of the tuning fork given a speed of sound v = 343 m/s (4)

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1. Identify the speed of sound, which is given as:
v = 343 \, \text{m/s}

2. The wavelength $\lambda$ is not provided. Usually, we need to know or measure the wavelength to calculate the frequency. In this specific case, no explicit value for $\lambda$ is mentioned.

3. Once $\lambda$ is known, apply the formula to find the frequency:
f = \frac{v}{\lambda}

4. Example:
If we assume the wavelength $\lambda$ to be 1 meter for calculation:
f = \frac{343 \, \text{m/s}}{1 \, \text{m}} = 343 \, \text{Hz}

Answer (assuming $\lambda = 1$ meter):
f = 343 \, \text{Hz}

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