Omar’s salary is 5,900 riyals and the number of working hours is 8 hours. What is the daily wage and the minute wage?



Answer to a math question Omar’s salary is 5,900 riyals and the number of working hours is 8 hours. What is the daily wage and the minute wage?

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To find Omar's daily wage, we divide his salary by the number of working hours per day:

Daily wage = Salary / Number of working hours per day

Given that Omar's salary is 5,900 riyals and the number of working hours is 8, we have:

Daily wage = 5,900 riyals / 8 hours

To find Omar's minute wage, we need to convert the daily wage to an hourly wage and then to a minute wage.

First, let's find the hourly wage. Since there are 60 minutes in an hour, we can calculate the hourly wage as follows:

Hourly wage = Daily wage / Number of working hours per day

Using the value we found for the daily wage (5,900 riyals / 8 hours), we have:

Hourly wage = (5,900 riyals / 8 hours) / (1 day / 24 hours)

Simplifying this expression, we get:

Hourly wage = (5,900 riyals / 8) * (24 / 1)

Finally, to find the minute wage, we divide the hourly wage by the number of minutes in an hour:

Minute wage = Hourly wage / Number of minutes in an hour

Since there are 60 minutes in an hour, we have:

Minute wage = (Hourly wage) / (60 minutes)

Substituting the value we found for the hourly wage, we get:

Minute wage = ((5,900 riyals / 8) * (24 / 1)) / 60

Simplifying this expression, we get the final answer:

Answer: Minute wage = (5,900 riyals * 24) / (8 * 60) = 147.50 riyals per minute.

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