Substitute a=2 and b=-3 and c=-4 to evaluate 2ac/(-2b^2-a)



Answer to a math question Substitute a=2 and b=-3 and c=-4 to evaluate 2ac/(-2b^2-a)

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$\frac{ 2ac }{ -2{b}^{2}-a }$
$\frac{ 2ac }{ -\left( 2{b}^{2}+a \right) }$
$-\frac{ 2ac }{ 2{b}^{2}+a }$
$-\frac{ 2 \times 2 \times \left( -4 \right) }{ 2 \times {\left( -3 \right)}^{2}+2 }$
$-\frac{ 2 \times 2 \times \left( -4 \right) }{ 2 \times {3}^{2}+2 }$
$-\frac{ 2 \times 2 \times \left( -4 \right) }{ 2 \times 9+2 }$
$-\frac{ 2 \times 2 \times \left( -4 \right) }{ 18+2 }$
$-\frac{ 2 \times 2 \times \left( -4 \right) }{ 20 }$
$\frac{ 2 \times 2 \times 4 }{ 20 }$
$\frac{ 2 \times 4 }{ 10 }$
$\begin{align*}&\frac{ 4 }{ 5 } \\&0.8\end{align*}$

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