1/2x +3 <4x-7



Answer to a math question 1/2x +3 <4x-7

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$0.5x-3-4x < -7$
$0.5x-4x < -7+3$
$-3.5x < -7+3$
$-3.5x < -4$
$\begin{align*}&x > \frac{ 8 }{ 7 } \\&\begin{array} { l }\begin{array} { l }\begin{array} { l }x > 1 \frac{ 1 }{ 7 },& x > 1.\overline{ 142857 }\end{array},& x \in \langle\frac{ 8 }{ 7 }, +\infty\rangle\end{array},& \left\{ \right\}\end{array}\end{align*}$

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