There are 162 students enrolled in the basic mathematics course. If the number of women is 8 times the number of men, how many women are there in the basic mathematics course?



Answer to a math question There are 162 students enrolled in the basic mathematics course. If the number of women is 8 times the number of men, how many women are there in the basic mathematics course?

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Let's represent the number of men as $x$.

According to the given information, the number of women is 8 times the number of men. So, the number of women can be expressed as $8x$.

The total number of students is the sum of the number of men and the number of women. Therefore, we can write the equation:

$Number \ of \ Men + Number \ of \ Women = Total \ Number \ of \ Students$

$x + 8x = 162$

Combining like terms, we get:

$9x = 162$

To solve for $x$, we divide both sides of the equation by 9:

$\frac{9x}{9} = \frac{162}{9}$

Simplifying, we find:

$x = \frac{162}{9} = 18$

Therefore, there are 18 men in the basic mathematics course.

To find the number of women, we substitute the value of $x$ back into the equation:

$Number \ of \ Women = 8x = 8(18) = 144$

Answer: There are 144 women in the basic mathematics course.

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