Triangle ABC has AB=AC and angle BAC =X, with X being less than 60 degrees. Point D lies on AB such that CB = CD Point E lies on AC such that CE= DE Determine angle DEC in terms of X



Answer to a math question Triangle ABC has AB=AC and angle BAC =X, with X being less than 60 degrees. Point D lies on AB such that CB = CD Point E lies on AC such that CE= DE Determine angle DEC in terms of X

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To determine angle DEC in terms of X, we need to first analyze the given information and then apply some geometric relationships.

Given: Triangle ABC with AB = AC and angle BAC = X.

Let's label the angles of triangle ABC as follows:

Angle BAC = X
Angle ABC = Y
Angle BCA = Z

We know that AB = AC, which means that angles ABC and ACB are also equal. Hence, ABC = ACB = Y.

Since angle BAC + angle ABC + angle BCA = 180 degrees (angle sum property of a triangle), we can write:

X + Y + Z = 180

Now, we need to determine the relationship between angle DEC and angle A. Since AB = AC, we have AD = AE. Furthermore, we know that CB = CD and CE = DE.

Using these equalities, we can conclude that triangles ACD and ADE are congruent by the Side-Angle-Side (SAS) congruence criterion.

Now, let's analyze triangle ACD. We know that the sum of angles in a triangle is 180 degrees. Therefore:

Angle ADC + angle CDA + angle CAD = 180

Since angle ADC = angle CDA (as triangles ACD and ADE are congruent), we can substitute them with x, resulting in:

x + x + (180 - 2x) = 180

Simplifying this equation, we get:

2x - 2x + 180 = 180

0 + 180 = 180

So, the equation is true, which means that our assumption is correct.

Therefore, angle DEC is equal to angle ACD, which is x.

Answer: Angle DEC = x (in terms of X)

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