Use a pattern approach to explain why (-2)(-3)=6



Answer to a math question Use a pattern approach to explain why (-2)(-3)=6

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To understand why (-2)(-3)=6, we can use a pattern approach.

Step 1: Let's consider multiplying positive numbers:
- When we multiply two positive numbers, the product is positive (e.g., (2)(3)=6).

Step 2: Now, let's consider multiplying negative numbers:
- When we multiply two negative numbers, the product is also positive. For example:
-2 * -3 = 6.

Step 3: Now, let's think about what happens when we multiply a positive number with a negative number:
- When we multiply a positive number with a negative number, the product is negative. For example:
(2)(-3) = -6.

Step 4: Finally, when we multiply a negative number with a positive number, the product is also negative. For example:
(-2)(3) = -6.

Answer: Therefore, following the pattern, (-2)(-3) results in a positive product of 6.

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