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Top 5 Best Math Apps to Improve Math Skills for Adults

Have you been looking for the best math app? The majority of adults will benefit from having improved math skills. With that being said, math isn’t always easy. For most of us, math requires hard work, practice, and lots of repetition.

The good news is that enhancing your math skills as an adult has become incredibly simple and straightforward. With advanced math apps designed with your skillset and math goals in mind, it’s easier than ever before to get ahead with math!

Whether you are looking to improve multiplication and division skills or gain help solving complex equations, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at the best math apps for adults.

1. MathMaster – Best Math App Overall


MathMaster has become the go-to app for all things mathematics. The application makes it easier to enhance skills with scan-and-solve technology alongside a number of different educational features.

Best Features:

  • Math Solver: Scan your problem and get unstuck in an instant.
  • 24/7 Solving Help: Get expert-verified answers at any time.
  • Advanced Learning: Learn advanced equations with step-by-step instructions.

MathMaster also provides homework help with any mathematics question. You can’t go wrong with this all-encompassing math app.

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2. Khan Academy – Best Math App for STEM Fields

Khan Academy is a well-known math and science app. It provides advanced learning and teaching capabilities over a wide range of math topics.

Best Features:

  • Instructional Videos: Get the help you need with straightforward instruction.
  • Online Quizzes and Lessons: These allow you to take your math skills to the next level with a plethora of topics to cover.
  • Practice Exercises: Endless opportunity to practice what you’ve learned.

Khan Academy also has a number of partner content options with the Museum of Modern Art, NASA, and other 3rd party organizations.

3. Mathway – Best Math App for Simplicity

If you are looking for something simple and easy to use, Mathway is a fantastic option. It offers help solving advanced math equations across geometry, algebra, calculus, and even trigonometry.

Best Features:

  • Math Solver: Get help solving any equation, formula, or advanced problem.
  • Step-by-Step Solutions: Mathway can work like a private tutor, helping you break down even the most difficult problems.

More advanced features are offered with Mathway’s paid subscription plan.

Mathway is a fantastic option for those looking for a few simple functions to improve their math skills.

4. Sumaze – Best Math App for Gamification

Looking for a way to gamify mathematics? Sumaze has got you covered. This app interweaves multiple features into its unique game-like structure.

Best Features:

  • Math Solver: This plug-and-play option allows you to get instant feedback on the hardest equations.
  • Gameplay: Enhance your skills with puzzles and games on arithmetic, modulus functions, and more.
  • Advanced Mode: Unlock more advanced math skills as you progress through each game level.

Sumaze is a fantastic way to improve your math skills and have fun at the same time. This non-linear style of learning is amazing for those that struggle in traditional learning environments and has become popular with kids and adults alike.

5. Star Dash Studios – Best Math App for Gamers

While Sumaze primarily uses puzzles to improve math skills, Star Dash Studios uses a free runner-style game. This unique way of learning is popular with gamers, making it easy for the user to stay engaged while also improving their math skills.

Best Features:

  • Free Runner Game: You’ll be able to play a game that takes place on a movie set, completing tasks within the game by executing math problems.
  • Real-Life Connection: Star Dash Studios makes it easy to relate math skills to real-life scenarios.
  • Additional Educational Content: Through the app, you will have access to additional content, such as advanced math terms’ definitions and formula breakdowns.

Star Dash Studios makes it more fun than ever before to improve your math skills. With their engaging free runner game, you won’t even realize all the math knowledge you are picking up!

Conclusion: The Best Math Apps for Adults

The best math app for adults is MathMaster, the easy-to-use, all-encompassing tool for all math subjects. MathMaster has been utilized by nearly 300 million people across the world. Whether you are looking for help with algebraic equations or advanced trigonometry formulas, MathMaster has you covered.

Finding ways to improve your math skills can seem complicated at first, but with the best math apps for adults like MathMaster, anyone can become an expert mathematician!