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Top 6 Best Math Solver Apps for iOS and Android in 2022

Need help getting unstuck? The right math solver apps can help get you unstuck from even the most challenging math problems and equations. The best part is that you can solve these equations in a matter of a few seconds all from your smartphone.

The best math solver app for iPhone and Android in 2022 is MathMaster; it’s an app that offers professional mathematics help coupled with an insanely fast problem solver feature. The best apps not only give you access to an advanced solver, but also help with studying, exams, and test prep.

These math solver apps all pack a punch worth hearing about. Let’s dive right in and see what they have to offer.

1. MathMaster – Best Overall Solution

As previously mentioned, MathMaster is currently the best math solver on the market. It’s an excellent solution for anyone looking to work through problems quicker and easier.

  • Problem Solver: Type out or scan in a photo of your problem and have it solved in seconds.
  • Test Prep: Step-by-step guides to make tests and exams as easy as possible.
  • Advanced Education: Comprehensive lessons on every math subject.

You can’t go wrong with MathMaster. In addition to their services listed above, they also offer top-tier help with any homework or assignments to really ensure all math bases are covered. With over 280 million satisfied students, they’ve established themselves as the best math solver app on the market!

2. PhotoMath – Best for Advanced Calculator

Another excellent math solver app for Android and iPhone is Photo Math. It’s in the name with this one, simply snap a photo of your problem and PhotoMath will take care of the rest.

  • Step-by-Step Solution: Once your problem is solved, Photo Math will break it down into steps that are easy to follow.
  • Problem Solver: It’s as simple as snapping a photo and getting the answer.
  • Scientific Calculator: This one functions just like the standard advanced TI-84 calculator.

PhotoMath can solve quadratic equations, systems of equations, polynomials, logarithms, conic sections, vectors, and more. It covers every level of the student, from beginner math to advanced trigonometry.

3. WolframAlpha – Best for Advanced Subjects

This is an advanced solution with some really far-reaching features. While it has a great problem solver, it also offers advanced tools in engineering, statistics, physics, and more.

  • Problem Solver: An advanced solution that offers detailed explanations for every answer.
  • Extended Learning: A library of knowledge reaching across every subject for any student who wants to learn more.

Wolfram Alpha also offers apps and resources for subjects outside of math, making it a great tool for well-versed students.

4. Calculator + – Best for Simplicity

This solution has long been considered one of the best math solver apps for iPhone. However, it is exclusive to the Apple community, and as of now has applications available for Android.

  • Problem Solver: Students can either input values into a template or put the app in handwriting mode, which allows them to write out the problem just as they would on paper.
  • Apple Watch Adaption: That’s right. You can even pull this app up on your Apple Watch and solve problems from your wrist.

This option is great for beginner math students or anyone looking for an easily navigable application. It’s considered extremely simple to use and comes with an easy-to-understand user interface.

5. MathWay – Best for Advanced Mathematics Glossary

Just like our other solutions, MathWay allows you to quickly scan a photo of your problem and upload it directly for the solver to solve in seconds.

  • Problem Solver: Easy to use and really quick to solve.
  • Advanced Glossary: Over 300 math concepts, principles, and definitions.
  • Help-Section: Easy-to-follow tips and guidance on how to solve your problems.

It’s worth mentioning that MathWay does not answer word problems. The user will have to input the individual numbers from the word problem to get an answer. But the app developers made up for it with an intuitive and simple layout.

6. Geometry Solver – Best for Geometry

This one doesn’t offer as many broad features and uses as the other apps on our list, but it offers some incredible geometry help. In fact, it’s become the go-to resource for any student looking for extra help in geometry.

  • Problem Solver: While this is more focused on geometry, it can still solve almost any equation you throw at it.
  • Advanced Geometry Solver: This is the app’s bread and butter. It offers incredible help to calculate the circumference, area, volume, angle (acute, right, obtuse, straight, reflex), radius, arc length, and a whole lot more.

It’s safe to say – this app is a lifesaver for any geometry-related task.

A Mathematical Conclusion

While we remain insistent on MathMaster being the overall best choice for math solvers across the board, there are a ton of great options on the market. Some, like Geometry Solver, even offer specific help toward a niche aspect of mathematics, which can be great for students looking to focus on one math sub-subject.

Math can be difficult at times, but with the right help, even the toughest challenges can be overcome. If you’re tired of struggling with math problems or just simply want the ability to snap a photo and get an immediate answer, check out these math solver apps for iPhone and Android today. You won’t regret it.