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TOP 5 Apps That Solve Math Word Problems

It's one thing to have to learn basic math, but when the subject adds in word problems, most students are backed into a corner trying to figure their way out.

There are plenty of methods being taught for solving math questions. But what happens when you experience those complex questions that just make you feel like you want to give up altogether? Well, for those, there is an app that solves math word problems waiting to help you.

Find An App That Solves Math Word Problems

While there are many apps to choose from to help you solve those complex word problems, this article narrows it down to five of the best mathematics applications available.

1. MathMaster

MathMaster is a camera calculator and a perfect math app for adults that solves word problems.

The app does the mathematics for you when you snap a picture of the problem or upload an image. In addition, once you download MathMaster, you can access a math tutor 24/7 to help with any word problem solution.

Each math question solved by the app is broken down into easy-to-understand steps to ensure that you grasp the calculation quickly. As a result, MathMaster is an excellent tool to use for:

  • exam preparation
  • math home assignments
  • topic explanation
  • any word problem that you can't seem to solve

This versatile app will help with solutions in math subjects such as:

  • calculus
  • basic math
  • pre-algebra, algebra
  • trigonometry
  • statistics & probability
  • economics, etc

2. Cymath

Cymath is an app that solves math word problems in four other native languages. It's a math solver tool that can handle calculus, trigonometry, and a number of different areas of math. The smart calculator allows you to ask a question and instantly get an answer.

You'll see an input option where you can type your question in as soon as you launch the app. The application can be used to check your work for accuracy. In addition, it can merely be an aid you use for those hard-to-solve mathematics questions.

3. Microsoft Math Solver

Algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and word problems are just a few of the problems that Microsoft Math Solver can solve. In addition to being accessible for Android and iOS, the app is a straightforward math word problem solver built into Microsoft Edge.

Solving your mathematics questions requires you to import a math equation from your gallery, type it or scan a handwritten one. A detailed solution is provided once your problem is solved. Microsoft Math Solver is an entry-level app with a history feature that allows you to review previously solved questions.

4. Socratic by Google

Socratic is an application powered by Google AI. It covers a broad range of topics. Besides helping you solve math word problems, this app can also help in subjects such as physics, chemistry, history, biology, and literature. For math, Socratic will help you with geometry, algebra, and trigonometry.

You receive detailed explanations for problem-solving and variations of the solution through the app. If you need additional help, the application has some helpful videos to watch. Socratic is free to download, and its best advantage is that it is ad-free.

5. Math Tricks

Not only Math Tricks app teaches you math but also shows you handy tips to make math fun and interesting. The tool uses innovative tricks that help you arrive at the correct answer. In addition, these methods will enable you to complete some mathematics problems more quickly.

It is ideal for performing basic math calculations, but the teaching mode will enable you to comprehend the fundamentals of the topic. No matter what area of mathematics you struggle with, this app will help you become a star at calculating math word problems. Continuous use of the calculations trains your brain to solve similar questions with ease.

Final Thoughts on Math App That Solves Word Problems

You no longer need to struggle with math on your own. These apps will help you arrive at any math solution you need. With different functions, such as using a camera to scan the word problem questions and getting to the answer has never been easier. Not only do they give you the answer, but they also teach you how to handle the calculations for future questions.