To distribute 7527 letters to 3424 households I spent 24.57 hours of work. If I distribute 5454 letters to 2481 households, how many hours will I need?



Answer to a math question To distribute 7527 letters to 3424 households I spent 24.57 hours of work. If I distribute 5454 letters to 2481 households, how many hours will I need?

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\frac{7527}{3424 \times 24.57} = \frac{5454}{2481 \times x}

1. Calculate the left side of the equation:

\frac{7527}{3424 \times24.57}\approx0.0941

2. Set the left side equal to the right side:

0.0941=\frac{5454}{2481 \times x}

3. Solve for x :


So, approximately 23.35 hours will be needed to distribute 5454 letters to 2481 households.

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