Write the general equation of the line that passes through P=(2, -5) and has slope m=-4



Answer to a math question Write the general equation of the line that passes through P=(2, -5) and has slope m=-4

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1. Identify the given point $(x_1, y_1) = (2, -5)$ and slope $m = -4$.

2. Use the point-slope form of the line equation:

y - y_1 = m(x - x_1)

3. Substitute $x_1$, $y_1$, and $m$ into the equation:

y - (-5) = -4(x - 2)

4. Simplify the equation:

y + 5 = -4x + 8

5. Rearrange to get the general form $Ax + By + C = 0$:

4x + y - 3 = 0

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