Answer to a math question (X+2)(x+3)=4x+18

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$x \times \left( x+4 \right)-3x-12=0$
$x \times \left( x+4 \right)-3\left( x+4 \right)=0$
$\left( x+4 \right) \times \left( x-3 \right)=0$
$\begin{array} { l }x+4=0,\\x-3=0\end{array}$
$\begin{array} { l }x=-4,\\x-3=0\end{array}$
$\begin{array} { l }x=-4,\\x=3\end{array}$
$\begin{array} { l }x_1=-4,& x_2=3\end{array}$

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