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How to use a Basic Calculator in

The online basic calculator works just like a small handheld calculator. It performs basic calculator functions including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. However, the ease of use and readiness make this online calculator a useful tool for everyday use.

Using the online calculator free tool is quite easy. All the numbers and functions have been strategically placed to help in the accurate and quick processing of math problems. When using a desktop, control the calculator using a mount, number pad, or keyboard. When on the phone and other touch devices, simply tap to process functions.

Functions of the Online Basic Calculator


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How to Use Online Basic Calculator Operations 

The basic calculator simplifies functions, allowing you to process operations quickly and easily.  Browse the example calculations below as a guide to find the calculator’s functions and processes. Follow the specific steps used to input numbers and symbols, prompting the calculator with operator buttons. The examples also show the various types of operations you can perform with this standard calculator. 

Calculator Operation


4 + 2 = 6

Tap/click 4, followed by the [+] sign and 2. Then click [=] to generate the results 

8 – 5 = 3

Tap/click 8, followed by the [-] sign and 5. Then click [=] to generate the results

2 + (-5) = -3

Tap/click 2, followed by the [+/-] sign and 5. Then click [=] to generate the results

1.4 + 3.5 – 2.1 = 

Tap/click 1.4, followed by the [+] sign and 3.5. Then [-] followed by 2.1 and click [=] to generate the results


The basic online calculator stands out with its simple and easy-to-use interface. As a standard calculator for everyday use, you will find it simple and intuitive. You will also find calculator functions useful anytime and anywhere. In addition, the online calculator's free access makes it ideal for users of all ages and experience levels. You can perform simple arithmetic functions without the need for additional hardware or software. 

Additional Functions – Copy and Delete

The copy function allows you to replicate an operation to another place in your device or build upon it on the basic calculator. To copy:

  • Highlight the results in the display and then copy it to your clipboard. Use the Ctrl + C command or right-click to select the copy option
  • When using your phone or table, hold and tap to select the character. Then choose copy from the pop-up menu.

Use the backspace or delete key to delete one character at a time to the left:

  • When using a desktop or PC, the backspace button serves as the delete button
  • When using a smartphone or tablet, tap into the display. On the virtual keyboard that appears, use the delete button. 


The basic online calculator is a simple-to-use tool to complete simple mathematical operations. The simplified version of the online standard calculator comes with addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication functions. This makes it perfect for anyone looking to perform basic arithmetic calculations easily and quickly. 


Which is the best simple online calculator? The basic online calculator is one of the best and easiest-to-use tools for arithmetic functions
Is the basic online calculator free? The basic online calculator is completely free to use, allowing you to perform calculations anytime and anywhere.
Can I use a basic calculator? Yes, the basic online calculator allows you to complete basic arithmetic functions quickly and easily.