A storage maker price is $2.50 per square feet. Find the price of a custom shed 4 yards long, and 5yards wide and 8 feet tall



Answer to a math question A storage maker price is $2.50 per square feet. Find the price of a custom shed 4 yards long, and 5yards wide and 8 feet tall

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To find the price of the custom shed, you need to calculate the surface area of the shed and then multiply it by the price per square foot. The shed is 4 yards long, 5 yards wide, and 8 feet tall. First, convert the dimensions to feet: 1 yard = 3 feet Length = 4 yards = 4 * 3 = 12 feet Width = 5 yards = 5 * 3 = 15 feet Height = 8 feet Now, calculate the surface area of the shed: Surface Area = 2 * (Length * Width + Length * Height + Width * Height) Surface Area = 2 * (12 * 15 + 12 * 8 + 15 * 8) Surface Area = 2 * (180 + 96 + 120) Surface Area = 2 * 396 Surface Area = 792 square feet Now, multiply the surface area by the price per square foot: Price = Surface Area * Price per square foot Price = 792 * $2.50 Price = $1980 Therefore, the price of the custom shed would be $1980.

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