Create a word problem for a linear equation, that has a constant rate of change



Answer to a math question Create a word problem for a linear equation, that has a constant rate of change

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Sure! Here's a word problem that involves a linear equation with a constant rate of change:

Alice is training for a marathon. On her first day of training, she runs for 30 minutes and covers a distance of 5 kilometers. Each week, she increases her training time by 10 minutes. Assuming that Alice maintains a constant rate of change in the distance she covers per minute, how far will she run in 60 minutes of training in her fourth week?

To solve this problem, we need to find the constant rate of change in the distance covered per minute.

First, let's calculate the rate of change in the distance covered per minute on the first day:
Rate of change = Distance / Time = 5 km / 30 min = 1/6 km/min

Since Alice increases her training time by 10 minutes each week, we can find the total training time in the fourth week:
Total training time in the fourth week = 30 min + (10 min * 3 weeks) = 30 min + 30 min = 60 min

Now, we can use the constant rate of change to calculate the distance Alice will run in 60 minutes of training in her fourth week:
Distance = Rate of change * Time = (1/6 km/min) * 60 min = 10 km

Alice will run a distance of 10 kilometers in 60 minutes of training in her fourth week.

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