How to do 15 x 3304



Answer to a math question How to do 15 x 3304

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To multiply 15 by 3304, we can use the standard multiplication method. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Multiply the ones digit of 15 (which is 5) by 3304:
5 multiplied by 3304 is 16520 (5 × 3304 = 16520).

Step 2: Multiply the tens digit of 15 (which is 1) by 3304 and add a zero at the end:
1 multiplied by 3304 is 3304 (1 × 3304 = 3304).so after adding zero 33040

Step 3: Add the two products obtained in steps 1 and 2:
16520 + 33040 = 49560.

Answer: 15 multiplied by 3304 is 49560 (15 × 3304 = 49560).

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