Suppose that you use 4.29 g of Iron in the chemical reaction: 2Fe(s) + 3 Cu2 + (aq) 2Fe 3 + (aq) + 3Cu(s ) - . What is the theoretical yield of Cu (s), in grams?



Answer to a math question Suppose that you use 4.29 g of Iron in the chemical reaction: 2Fe(s) + 3 Cu2 + (aq) 2Fe 3 + (aq) + 3Cu(s ) - . What is the theoretical yield of Cu (s), in grams?

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To find the theoretical yield of Cu (s), we need to determine the molar ratio between Fe (s) and Cu (s) in the balanced chemical equation.

From the balanced equation:
2Fe(s) + 3Cu2+(aq) → 2Fe3+(aq) + 3Cu(s)

The molar ratio between Fe (s) and Cu (s) is 3:2.

Now, let's calculate the number of moles of Fe (s) used in the reaction:

molar mass of Fe = 55.85 g/mol
moles of Fe (s) = mass of Fe (s) / molar mass of Fe
= 4.29 g / 55.85 g/mol
≈ 0.0767 mol

Using the mole ratio, we can calculate the number of moles of Cu (s) produced:

moles of Cu (s) = (moles of Fe (s) * 3) / 2
= (0.0767 mol * 3) / 2
= 0.115 mol

Finally, to find the theoretical yield of Cu (s) in grams, we can use the molar mass of Cu:

molar mass of Cu = 63.55 g/mol
mass of Cu (s) = moles of Cu (s) * molar mass of Cu
= 0.115 mol * 63.55 g/mol
≈ 7.35 g

Answer: The theoretical yield of Cu (s) is approximately 7.35 grams.

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