Considering that: Q(s) = 4p - 20 (d) =-5p + 15 Vhat is the Pe (Equilibrium price)? Please consider two decimal numbers.



Answer to a math question Considering that: Q(s) = 4p - 20 (d) =-5p + 15 Vhat is the Pe (Equilibrium price)? Please consider two decimal numbers.

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To find the equilibrium price (Pe), we need to set the quantity supplied equal to the quantity demanded and solve for the price. In equilibrium, Q(s) = Q(d). Given: Q(s) = 4p - 20 Q(d) = -5p + 15 Set Q(s) equal to Q(d): 4p - 20 = -5p + 15 Now, solve for p (price): 4p + 5p = 15 + 20 9p = 35 p = 35 / 9 Now, let's calculate the value: p ≈ 3.89 (rounded to two decimal places) So, the equilibrium price (Pe) is approximately $3.89.

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