If O(3,-2) is reflected across x = 2. What are the coordinates of O



Answer to a math question If O(3,-2) is reflected across x = 2. What are the coordinates of O

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When point O(3, -2) is reflected across the vertical line x = 2, it means that it will be flipped or mirrored to the opposite side of the line, maintaining the same distance from the line. To find the reflected coordinates, you can think of it as finding a new point that is the same distance from x = 2 as O(3, -2) but on the opposite side of the line. The distance between O(3, -2) and x = 2 is 3 - 2 = 1 unit. So, the reflected point will also be 1 unit away from x = 2. Since O is to the right of x = 2, the reflected point will be to the left of x = 2. Therefore, the x-coordinate will be 2 - 1 = 1. So, the reflected coordinates of O are (1, -2).

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